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You haven’t heard from me in a week, a long time for me not to post, but I went to Pennsylvania over the weekend to hang with other food bloggers. People that always take photos before they eat, enjoy eating and talking endlessly about what they ate, as well as what they made last week or hope to make tomorrow.   For me it was both frightening and awesome at the same time.  There were some seriously well-known bloggers attending, as well as people like me who were just getting started and everywhere in between.  The event was organized by Pam Anderson and her daughter Maggie from Three Many Cooks and Erika from The Ivory Hut.  They were all amazingly kind and welcoming and Pam hosted us all in her home Friday night and Sunday morning and created many amazing recipes for the event.  I would like to especially call out the S’More Crispy Rice Treats (pictured above) which I made yesterday for my kids who gobbled them up (I may have had one or two as well).


The speakers included Brooke Burton-Lüttmann from Food Woolf who gave an inspiring speech on mindfulness and being present, she does a much better job explaining it than I ever could. Joy the Baker helped us all to realize that we are in the same boat in feeling inferior, jealous, behind the times, what have you.  We are all insecure in our endevours at times and need to push past our jealousy and fears to find inspiration and motivation to create and build.  She also made some amazing looking Toasted Marshmallow Squares of shortbread and nutella that I will be making for the kids and I this weekend (they were drooling at the description!).  Marissa McClellan of Food in Jars gave us canning demo and motivated me to focus on small manageable batches of canning and not overwhelming myself with day long canning sessions.  Molly O’Neill’s honest and at times hilarious discussion of her life as a food writer and writing practices inspired everyone in the room to get out and be writers.

There was also food, amazing food.  Max Hansen of Max Hansen Catering provided omelets and smoked salmon for breakfast, showed us all how to smoke a salmon, roasted a pig for dinner and so much more.  It was a potluck and many of the attendees brought side dishes, appetizers and desserts with them (I brought Gorgonzola Chips).  It was a weekend of food, fun and inspiration….and food, my kind of weekend.


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