This week as I randomly clicked through the internet I stumbled upon quite a few things that had to do with associating food and my current pop culture obsessions, which of course are Mad Men and The Hunger Games.   I’m guessing that you are also watching Mad Men and possibly The Hunger Games.  I have read all the books but not yet seen Hunger Games and as I patiently wait for my 10 year old to read it (in all fairness he just got a copy this week…no pressure buddy!) I will think about these fun food ideas to celebrate my future viewing.

Hunger Games

Fictional Food has a wide variety of articles and recipes based on the books and movie.

Yum Sugar has another fun round up of movie inspired food.

My favorite are these beautiful cupcakes from Diamonds for Dessert .

Mad Men

Epicurious has a Mad Men Menu that includes Beef Wellington, one of my favs.

Yum Sugar again with lots of fun Mad Men Cocktails

Happy viewing!


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