Do you seem to throw out lots of food?  I know I do, even though I try to use up leftovers, we end up wasting a lot of food.  Looks like I’m not alone!  What are your thoughts on being organized and not wasting too much food?  Speaking of wasting food, it seems as though there are two ways to avoid wasting too much food.  The first being to shop daily for the food you need just for the next 24 hours.  Not always a practical option.  The other way is being well prepared for your week.  Also not always practical, but this idea from The Creative Mama looks like it could help!  I love it and I’m going to give it a try!

Easter is upon us, even though its been feeling like June as of late!  I have been seeing lots Easter decorating ideas on Pintrest but the most interesting idea is using natural egg dyes instead of the little tablets that fizz away in water and vinegar. As much fun as dying the eggs can be, it all seems to happen so fast, 15 minutes later you have 2 dozen eggs and the fun is over.  I’m thinking of letting the kids in on creating the dyes with me and extending their egg fun a bit.  Not to mention better for you and the kiddos that the stuff in those dyes. Here are a couple of places to go for guidance:

Bon Appetit Natural Egg Dyes

Blissfully Domestic Natural Egg Dyes

Have a great weekend everyone!



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