Ah Thursday, my 4th most favorite day of the week!  This has been one of those weeks, you know, every day you think you are one day further along than you actually are.  I spent most of Tuesday afternoon thinking it was Wednesday: alright, over the hump, just two more days to go….oh wait, its Tuesday.  (Not just any Tuesday, but Super Tuesday, which anyone who knows me knows I’ll a little crazy about politics and punditry so I’m not sure how that escaped me.)  Just now, I’m putting the girls to bed and thinking about making pizza dough in the morning because its going to be Friday, pizza night…..except of course it will be Thursday (I’m writing this on Wednesday Night if I am now confusing you as to the day of the week.)  Aside from dreaming about the arrival of the weekend, here are some other things that have caught my fancy this week:

Potato Chips –  You may be aware that I am a little obsessed with my homemade gorgonzola chips.  I’ve been spending the last couple of years perfecting my technique and while time consuming and labor intensive, they are, at least in my mind, worth it.  A couple of weekends ago I had some friends over for the Oscars and made some chips for the party.  I peeled, sliced and fried an entire 5 pound bag of potatoes and admit I got a little bit lazy in my technique.  Mainly I didn’t feel like spreading out all of the chips to dry them off so I put them in my salad spinner…and it worked!  I will be doing this from now on as the whole drying part is very tedious.  Speaking of potato chips, I found this on Pinterest:  Crispy Microwave Potato Chips from The Kitchn.  I’m not saying I will be giving up my deep fryer, but going to give these a try!

Homemade Vanilla Extract – Whenever I’m reading cookbooks or food magazines, etc written by established chefs and bakers they always chide you for using plain old vanilla extract.  You want to heed their advice but then you look at the price tag on those bottles of real vanilla extract and think, maybe my cheap-o kind will be fine.  Well, I read this and think I have found my solution: bourbon.  No, not for drinking….to make your own vanilla extract.  Yes Vanilla Beans are also pricy but they go a very long way in this Homemade Version of Vanilla Extract from Blue Bonnets and Brownies.

More Meyer Lemons Ideas – I promised another Meyer Lemon post to help use up the rest in your bag from the Chicken Francese and there will be one this weekend, but in the meantime here are some other blogs with some ideas:

5 Things to Do with Meyer Lemons from Bread and Putter

Preserved Meyer Lemons from Sassy Radish

Finally, considering the lovely weather forecasted for today, here is a Meyer Lemon Margarita from White on Rice Couple.


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