I JUST realized it was Thursday, like 5 minutes ago and nearly missed posting Thoughts on Thursday.  I have been floating around this week in a fog, although I have been fairly productive, I’ve been unaware of the world around me.  That’s was a long weekend does to me, just wait for summer vacation to start, we will see how many Thoughts on Thursdays I miss over summer break!

Speaking of, its about that time, and if you have kids in school you are revving up to get those Dunkin Donuts cards for the bus drivers and cute thank you’s for the teachers, and the help teachers.  These DIY appreciation treat bags from The Busy Budgeting Mom are very cute if you are feeling creative.

Speaking of summer, what are you doing with those kids?  I’ve been looking for some fun ideas and found a few I may try out when the kids lose interest in spending all day hanging around the pool (why?  I don’t know, its all I want to do!)

100 Days of Summer from MomAdvice.com on Pinterest, bound to find something!

This is a really fun idea for a quick outdoor scavenger hunt from The Taylor House.

I signed our family up to “Firefly Watchers” for Boston’s Museum of Science Firefly Watch, looks like a fun way to add some learning to our firefly watching at night!

Don’t forget to enter the Le Creuset Cocette Giveaway, you have until Tuesday at Midnight (EST)!

I’ve got a fun post for tomorrow that I am very excited to share, but it may be later in the afternoon as I will be riding a bus to the State House with a bunch of 3rd graders tomorrow morning, yup, lucky, I know!

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